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Ever since Cosmic Love, Amazon Prime’s news dating show, premiered on August 12, it has become one of the most trending topics on the internet. The show features four singles representing the four elements in astrology including Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Well, let us tell you that one of the four singles is Maria Rodriguez. She is reportedly representing Earth on the show and following the announcement. After the revelation, netizens are curious to know about her and due to this reason, her name is trending on every platform. Let us check the details.

Makeup artist Maria Rodriguez

The new show features the four singles finding love among 16 singletons who could be their ideal match. However, it would not be that easy to find love as the singles will be guided by astrological suggestions on the journey of finding love. It is no doubt to say that it is the first time when such kind of dating show has started that will have an astrological twist in its format and this happens to be the reason, why the show is getting this much attention from the netizens already. Apart from the dating show, the netizens are also drawn to the four singles and one of them is Maria Rodriguez.

Who Is Maria Rodriguez?

As per reports, Maria Rodriguez is a Dominican Puerto Rican from New York City. The 28-year-old woman is a true Capricorn in nature. She is a well-known and hardworking beauty entrepreneur having several businesses too. Besides, she has worked as a makeup artist as well. Sources confirm that she was raised in a self-made women’s environment and this helped her lead her life independently. Well, her businesses include a short-term rental business and a wholesale distributing makeup company.

Reportedly, MBeauty Party is the name of her beauty business which also serves as an online makeup store selling high-end makeup brands shipping worldwide. Recently, Maria released a new clothing collection for her beauty brand named MM Collection. It is also said that she loves to dance, spend time with her family, and dress up while she also strives to make everyone laugh. Apart from it, not much information is known about Rodriguez at this moment. Due to her perfectionist nature, the contestant has been getting immense attention from everyone. Let us add that the viewers can watch all the latest episodes of Cosmic Love on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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