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Who Is Manmohan Yadav? Man Who Caught Stealing Flower Pots Place for G20 Summit Arrested


These days, social media has turned into a controversial platform as regularly innumerable videos are taking place while setting the buzz among everyone. Something similar is again catching the heat as another bizarre video is spreading its feet while showing a Gurugram-based man steaking flower pots that were placed for the G20 Summit. On the basis of the viral video, the Gurugram police made strict actions against him while keeping the video as the prime evidence, as he has been arrested by them and currently serving behind the bars. Below you can get the further updates you need to know.

Man Who Caught Stealing Flower Pots Place for G20 Summit Arrested

As per the exclusive reports, the defaulter has been identified as “Manmohan Yadav” a 50-year-old Gurugram-based person who was passing through the G20 Summit and spontaneously came out from the car with the helper and started stealing the flower pots instead of knowing that it could have been punishable as it occurred. Therefore, currently on the basis of the footage concerned authorities are decided his sentence because stealing is stealing no matter whether the person stole 1 rupee coin or something big, and therefore, the punishment is the same. Even, social media users and people are appreciating the police for their immediate actions.

Manmohan Yadav Arrested?

Reportedly, the car of the defaulter has also turned seized by the concerned authorities, and as long as his sentence duration will get finished no one can even touch the car from his family, and if they do this so they could also face the sentence behind the bars. Because Manmohan Yadav has been charged with stealing case along with his helper who helped him instead of making him understand and therefore, he is equally responsible for the crime like a defaulter and therefore, he will also have to face the punishment as same his companion.

On social networking sites, the viral video is catching the heat to such an extent while hitting the headlines in a certain manner that no one had even imagined therefore while watching the clip you can come to know everything as the video is getting circulated on social networking sites. So at the time of searching for the video, you will receive what you want in a certain manner. Because the video is remaining a hot discussion among everyone and therefore, a few eagerly want to get it. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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