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Who Is MathBoi Fly Aka Darrell Brooks? Rapper Arrested Over Waukesha Parade Tragedy


One of the famous rappers named MathBoi Fly is collecting headlines nowadays. Well, the reason the headlines aren’t appropriate is he is smashing the headlines throughout after getting arrested due to his involvement in the case of the Waukesha incident. The police authority took the rapper to custody and further investigation is being proceeded. The news of his arrest is getting viral all over and all of his fans are giving different reactions to this sudden arrest. Well, the rapper has been alleged with cases related to the Waukesha Parade accident and is currently in Police custody.

Who Is MathBoi Fly Aka Darrell Brooks Rapper Arrested Over Waukesha Parade Tragedy

Moreover, the rapper’s real name is Darrell Brooks but he is popularly known by his stage name MathBoi Fly. He is a 39 years old American based rapper and has a decent fanbase. He currently lives on 19th street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is being said that suspect of the accident was identified as a 39 years old man with a dark complexion named Darrell Edwards Brooks Jr. Well, the rapper has a criminal record earlier to this as well including conviction from the battery, interfering with an officer, domestic abuse, and drug addiction. Now, he again fetching attention due to his involvement in the accident case.

Who is Rapper MathBoi Fly?

According to the police authority who found the rapper as the prime suspect of a car accident that took place on 21 November 2021 in Waukesha. As far as we are concerned the Aftermath of the accident wherein numerous people including some children after getting hit by a rad SUV. After the case come to the attention of the authority they found that the vehicle belonged to MathBoi. The authority detected the same car in one of his music videos stated by the officials.

If we talk about the accident that took place at Waukesha during a Christmas Parade when a red colour SUV car lost its control at top speed broke the fence and hit approached the crowded place. The dreaded accident claimed numerous severely wounded. As per the reports, a total of 12 children along with 11 elder people get critically injured. It is also being said that the fatal accident also claimed some lives, however, it hasn’t been disclosed so far that any of the people have died so far. After collecting some evidence that points out MathBoi Fly was arrested. We will get back to you with the reports of the further investigation. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.



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