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Who is Mathilde Beltran? Johnny Depp’s French Tutor Wiki Biography Age Instagram


Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp has recently been all over the headlines and buzzes on social media. You all are aware of her recent court case with her ex-wife Amber Heard. The recent court cases grabbed him a massive amount of public attention from all across the globe. Lately, he is again in the headlines, and this time he is in the headlines for no negative reasons. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is in the headlines for his rumored girlfriend.

Who is Mathilde Beltran? Johnny Depp’s French Tutor

Lately, the star was pictured with a woman, quite a lot of times and since then the reports and rumors about them were floating all across social media and the internet. Their rumors on social media were claiming that the popular star is dating that woman. Johnny Depp was snapped by many paparazzi photographers with that and since then rumors began that he is dating her. But now official information has been released. The latest information has claimed and revealed that Johnny Depp is not dating that woman.

The latest reports have revealed that Johnny Depp is not dating her. That woman is teaching him, French. She is her French teacher. Some popular media outlets have researched about that woman and their reports have revealed the identity of Depp’s French tutor. Depp’s French tutor has been identified as Mathilde Beltran. Johnny Depp and Mathilde Beltran share a completely professional relationship. They don’t have any romantic relationship. They are professionals working together. Now, this has been officially confirmed by many prominent media houses. Johnny is spending a lot of time with her tutor Beltran for learning French for his most awaited upcoming performance.

During the time of Depp’s court proceedings, his name was also involved with her attorney Camille Vasquez. There were many reports and rumors about them that they both are dating each other and in a romantic relationship. Although these rumors and reporters were also proved wrong and they both confirmed that they both don’t share any romantic relationship. reports have claimed that both Camille and Johnny were friends and were very professional during the time of the court proceedings. Camille is one of the strongest attorneys in America after she won the Defamation Case against Amber Heard by his client Johnny Depp. According to the reports, Depp is currently not seeing anyone and he is focused on work. Let’s hope that the popular star finds his true love soon. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.


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