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Who Is Matthew Lewinski Killed His Girlfriend Hide Her Body In Basement For Seven Months


There is no limit to insanity and madness, there are a number of people who can go to any extend just to take their baseless revenge or sometimes just to fulfill their desire. Some of them leave their girlfriend without clothes on the balcony in the extreme cold just to win a bet. While some brutally rape a girl just to satisfy their ego. Most lately a man named Matthew Lewinski has been accused of murdering his girlfriend and hiding her corpse in her basement for seven months. Recently the entire crime scene comes into the light, get all the exclusive details.

Matthew Lewinski

Matthew Lewinski who is 37 years of his age belongs to Macomb County have been alleged and arrested for killing his girlfriend. According to the latest reports, Lewinski was living in a relationship at Clinton Township, Michigan, Macomb county along with her girlfriend Jerri Winters. The man admitted that he killed his girlfriend back in December 2020 over trifles. He informed that he had a verbal spat with Jerri. He killed her by strangulation and then moved her corpse in the basement. The things got unveiled when the corpse was notified by Matthew’s sister and she informed the police.

While in the proceeding of the case, the prosecutors disclosed that Matthew even removed a major amount of flesh from Jerri’s back. Along with that the neighbours also informed that they were getting a horrible smell from Matthew’s house. First, the neighbour thinks that it is just like that but later things turned weird when the smell becomes worse. It felt like that a corpse is rooting inside the home, neighbours shared. One of her acquaintances shared that Matthew and Jerri argued usually over bills and money. They even separated a month before Winter was killed by Matthew.

On behalf of the latest reports, after the proceeding, Matthew has been alleged for murdering, tempering with the corpse, and hiding such a heinous and serious crime. Well, according to the law it is sure that Matthew will be sentenced to life imprisonment. He is currently kept at Macomb County Jail along with non-bailable allegations. He is going to face district court for a pre-exam on 9 August 2021. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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