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A very controversial incident is coming in front of the people from Philadelphia that a person of Ohio has been arrested for creating a ruckus on Frontier airline’s flight. On July 31, a similar incident came to the public when Maxwell was accused of assaulting a flight attendant during the flight. At the same time, a few allegations also came to the fore where he touched two female attendants inappropriately. As per the police’s statement, Maxwell Berry had two drinks and got intoxicated too, before entering the flight. So see the comprehensive details of the matter below because many pieces of information are arriving.

Maxwell Berry

According to reports, Maxwell misbehaved with the flight attendant during the flight, which was punishable at some point. Maxwell brushed an empty cup on the flight attendant’s back despite being intoxicated, It is also being told that at the time of the incident, he also stained his clothes and when he went to the bathroom to clean it, he came out without a shirt. Then a flight attendant tried to help him so that he wouldn’t walk around without a shirt which doesn’t seem right but still, he walked around like this for about 15 minutes and then after a while, he misbehaved with the women and also punched a flight attendant in the face.

After a while, he was getting aggressive with other flight attendants and was trying to attack them as well, A passenger named Alfredo Rivera, who captured the entire incident on camera, said that he was arrested when the plane landed in Miami. Frontier Airlines has liberated a statement after the incident in which they have written the entire scene that ” During the flight of Philadelphia to Miami on 31st July 2021 a passenger who was drunk and intoxicated too, did an inappropriate behave with a flight attended and attacked them too. As the result, they had to take recourse to law because such unfair treatment is fully punishable.

Now, everyone is keen to know comprehensive details about Maxwell Berry, because nowadays it has become the subject of discussion among the people. So as per the sources, 22-years-old Maxwell Berry stays in Norwalk, Ohio and he studied at Ohio’s Wesleyan University. He has shared his last photo on social media in 2019. According to his Linkedin profile, he had started working in 2017 in Eagle Creek Golf Club as Grounds Crew. That was part-time work which he took forward from 2019, he had worked in Famous Dave in America approximately for 4 months.


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