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Who is Mescal Wasilewski? House star Jodie Sweetin husband Wiki Biography Age Instagram


After a very long, the Full-House star “Jodie Sweetin” is again coming into the limelight due to her current relationship status, as finally, she has found her better half with whom she could share her personal space. Yes, you heard right, Jodie Sweeton married her longtime lover “Miscal Wasilewski” during an intimate ceremony in Malibu, Calif on Saturday night, 30th July 2022. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions started coming out, even uncounted are sending their congratulatory quotes for the upcoming life. So below you can check everything along with some untold facts and the identity of her husband.

Who is Mescal Wasilewski? House star Jodie Sweetin husband

As per the exclusive reports or sources, actress Jodie Sweetin was dating Mescal Wasilewski for a very long, and finally, they got the moment to turn their relationship into the legal one while marrying each other which is amazing to hear. Her fans are close ones are appreciating her courage that she decided to marry someone at the age of 40, as she needs to get a partner who could be with her all the time and now. Even their, friends are also posting their feelings on social media while tagging the two.

Who Is Mescal Wasilewski?

Reportedly, Jodie Sweetin stunned in a Lili Bridals gown which left uncounted astonished due to her attire and looks, as she walked the aisle with her father, Sam. Even her both daughter were part of the ceremony as they attended the function while becoming part of their mother’s happiness. Later, the couple dropped a few photos on social media as well which is indicating or speaking out about everything that how would the ceremony be amazing. Even, their gestures are enough for the wise to get an idea of their joy to be with each other, therefore, uncounted are praying for their shiny future.

Amidst all these, Jodie said that her lovely husband cum friend Mescal made her feel absolutely comfortable even though he understands each and everything, which is one and only quality every girl wants in their husband, and fortunately, god heard her wishes and blessed her with the great person. Further, she praises him to such an extent while conveying all the goodness of him which impressed her, and forced her to marry him before its too late. So here we have dropped everything and if you want to get more then you could visit her profile as well.


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