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Who Is Mohammad Mehdi Karami? Iranian Karate Athlete Sentence To Death Charges Explained


Mohammad Mehdi Karani is getting a lot of attention on the internet who died recently by hanging. He was a young Iranian Kurdish and he was sentenced to death. After his death, his death news went viral and it has become a topic of discussion in Iran. There are so many people raising so many questions related to this incident and sharing their responses on the internet. Here we will discuss the whole information related to him, his death cause, and other information related to this incident.

Who Is Mohammad Mehdi Karami? Iranian Karate Athlete Sentence To Death Charges Explained

According to the reports, Lots of people have been declared for allegedly participating in the demonstrations in front of the government and he was also involved in those people. He was founded guilty of Fisad-e-filarz which means Corruption. He died after 65 days after his arrest and he was hanged on Saturday 7 January 2023 by hanging. . All the evidence despite him as guilty of corruption but he has evidence to make himself innocent. After his death, so many people claims that he was innocent and this all was planned to sentence his death. Human rights organizations accused that they used fake evidence to convict him.

Who Is Mohammad Mehdi Karami?

He was 22 years old and mostly known as the national karate champion in Iran.  The Mahsa Amini demonstration, It was the fourth execution of anti-regime demonstrators which had been taken place. On the 40th day anniversary of Hadis Najafi’s death, he was involved in the murder of a Basij militiaman in Karaj. His parents claim that their child was mistreated by the Iranian authorities when he was arrested. He was on a strike of food hunger before his death to protest the Iranian government. It is also coming out that he was threatened with rape and assault by the other criminals in the prison when he was arrested.

There is a video available on the internet of his parents and his parents were requested the Iranian government not to hang their son. This message was posted before his hanging and his death. Now after revealing his death news reality, so many people share their responses to this incident however it is confirmed that he was purely innocent or not but it is clear he was not completely guilty. There are various cases coming forward in which an innocent person is declared guilty. There is no more information coming out related to this incident and we will update our article after getting any information related to this incident. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles related to the latest news.


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