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Who Is Monterrious Harris? Memphis Cop Accused Of Punching Another Black Man


A federal complaint filed on February 7 claims that five Memphis police officers who allegedly killed Tyre Nichols last month by beating him to death assaulted another Black man just three days before. In the federal case, 22-year-old Monterrious Harris is requesting $5 million. According to the lawsuit, which was brought against the police and the city of Memphis, the officers were among the Scorpion unit members who punched, stomped, and dragged Harris over pavement as they were apprehending him on January 4. Check further details of the matter in the article below.

Who Is Monterrious Harris Memphis Cop Accused Of Punching Another Black Man

Harris feels that onlookers’ intervention was the sole reason he was not murdered or suffered more serious injuries, and the complaint says that the officers stopped him, just like they did with Nichols. He was allegedly detained after that and “false criminal allegations” were brought against him, according to the complaint. In the case, Mr. Harris’ attorneys claimed that the only crime he had committed was being a young African American male.

Who Is Monterrious Harris?

Five former Memphis police officers have been fired and charged with murder in the death of Black man Nichols, who passed away three days after being severely beaten by them during a traffic stop. Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills Jr., Emmitt Martin III, and Justin Smith are the five cops who have been charged; they are all of African American descent.

Little is known about Harris other than the fact that he was supposedly threatened with death by Scorpion Unit members when parked outside the building where his cousin lived. Harris initially believed he was being robbed because the individuals, who he claimed were clothed in all black and wearing black ski masks, were police officials. He reversed his automobile out of instinct and it hit something. Then, raising his hands, he exited the car.

After that, the police allegedly started beating him until witnesses intervened. Eight Scorpion Unit officers, including the five officers who are accused of beating Nichols, have been designated as defendants. According to the lawsuit, Harris was first transported to a hospital after a nurse said he needed treatment for his injuries. Harris said that it was really scary and terrifying that days later he found out that these same guys who beat him up turned around and killed this man. Now, the matter has gotten everyone’s attention on social media. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.


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