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Who Is Natalie Sinclair Trevor Sinclair’s Wife? Wiki Biography Age Instagram


The football player, coach, and commentator, Trevor Sinclair, remains in the news. However, this time, the coach garnered attention because of his wife. Yes, netizens seem to be curious to know who is his wife. Well, let us tell you that Trevor is married to Natalie Sinclair. The couple is together for more than 21 years now and happens to have three children. Let us know more about them in the article below.

Who Is Natalie Sinclair Trevor Sinclair’s Wife

Before talking about Trevor’s wife, let us add that the football player posted a controversial tweet following the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. He wrote that people should not feel sad about her demise. It is no doubt to say that the tweet went viral on social media and caught the attention of many. Several people came forward and criticized the coach for being so insensitive and he has been receiving criticism ever since. It is said that Trevor shared the tweet hours after the queen’s passing.

Speaking of Natalie Sinclair, she is the husband of Trevor Sinclair. The pair have been living together for quite some time now. It is said that Trevor was taken into custody in 2004. He was accused of beating up his wife. Although not much information about the couple has come to the front yet, it is assumed that Natalie Sinclair and her 49-year-old spouse Trevor might be close in age. Although Natalie appears a little younger, the most accurate estimate of her age is between 45 and 48.

  • Natalie Sinclair is the wife of the football player Trevor Sinclair.
  • She is reportedly 45-year-old and shares three children with her husband.
  • Natalie and Trevor have three grown sons.
  • Trevor was accused of beating up his wife in 2014.
  • He was taken into custody by the officials and was even charged for the same.
  • However, their relationship seems to have gotten better now.
  • In 2022, Trevor wished Natalie on their 21st wedding anniversary.
  • Both the husband and the wife are trending on social media.

In a tweet dated 2022, Trevor wished Natalie a happy 21st wedding anniversary and shared it. “Congratulations on 21 years of marriage, Natalie,” he wrote. We exchanged vows with each other and vowed to raise our sons together to the best of our abilities. The tweet also revealed Natalie and Trevor’s three grown sons, who are all roughly the same height. According to the tweet, the couple has disciplined and raised their three sons. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.


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