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Who Is Nathan Chasing Horse? ‘Dances With Wolves’ Star Arrested For Sexual Assault


Nathan Chasing Horse: is again coming into the limelight ever since her arrest took place on accusations of allegedly running a cult that se*ually abused indigenous girls who were as young as fresh teenagers. Yes, you heard right, Nathan who played Smiles a Lot in the Oscar-winning movie “Dances With Wolves” has been taken into custody by the Las Vegas police authorities on Tuesday, 31st January 2023. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines, as no one had even imagined that she will come under such charges.

Who Is Nathan Chasing Horse 'Dances With Wolves' Star Arrested For Sexual Assault

As per the exclusive reports or sources, on 31st January 2023, Nathan had last seen in Las Vegas and thus, concerned authorities did not take any risk and arrested her while sending her behind the bars because many have accused her of a certain exploit including trafficking. Even, her own close ones are claiming that she was not told them anything about her work, and as far as they have concerned she is having long crime chart which is speaking out everything. Thus, a few are mentioning that the concerned authorities should have taken the action earlier, so that, she could have stopped doing all these.

Who is Nathan Chasing Horse?

Reportedly, Nathan is supposed to be the head of a cult known as ‘The Circle’ and is assessed with s*x trafficking, s*ual assault of a child younger than 16, and child abuse too. On the basis of such charges her sentence will be decided by the court because the way she committed all these exploits is quite inappropriate and therefore, her own admirers turned against to her and asked the concerned authorities to take strict actions against her because no one has a right to do something like this, if someone does so the person needs to be detained.

On social networking sites, she is being extremely condemned by users by mentioning derogatory remarks that she does not deserve to be free otherwise she will again execute something like this, so therefore, it would be better if she stays behind the bars under surveillance of police so that, she could not be dared to execute something like this again and therefore, she needs to be detained by the police as soon as possible. So here, we have mentioned such details and when something will come out we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.


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