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Who Is Nick Sirianni? Football Coach Trends As His Daughter Imitates Him In Press Conference


There is a conference video of Nick Sirianni and his children gathering a lot of attention and popularity on the internet where so many people share their responses on this topic and raised the question that who is his wife. He is an American football coach and the head of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). There are so many users of social media and netizens who share their responses on this video and want to know who is his wife, so here we will talk about the whole information about this video, his wife, and other important news topics related to him in this article.

Who Is Nick Sirianni Football Coach Trends As His Daughter Imitates Him In Press Conference

In this video, we can see that he was sitting with his three children Jacob, Taylor, and Miles at Super Bowl LVII for the Philadelphia Eagles postgame press conference for their on-field celebrations. In that conference video, his daughter began mimicking him and teasing her father by moving her hand gesture and making funny faces. On the other side, his other children and Miles have also been seen as bored in this conference and passing their time. It can easily be heard that he is saying his daughter to stop it because he knows what is going on at the conferences.

Who Is Nick Sirianni?

Nicholas John Sirianni was born in Jamestown, New York, United States on 15 June 1981 and he is currently 41 years old and most popular as Head Coach. He got married to Brett Ashley Cantwell and his wife is staying away from the spotlight and is not an active user of social media, so this is the main reason why most people not knowing much about her. The couples have three children Jacob who is seven years old, Taylor who is five years old and Miles who is three years old.

This video gained more than 571k views and over 38.3k on the Instagram page and also ran on various social media pages where people share their responses on this video. There are so many videos available on the internet that shows children mimicking and copying their surrounding people and these types of video makes people happy. His conference gathered a lot od attention and information about his wife is mentioned above in this article. This video is going with a unstoppable speed and may this video went viral on the internet. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest news of the entire world.


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