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Who is Nina Lin? TikTok Star Sneaks Into Met Gala 2021 Without A Pass Goes Viral


The biggest annual fashion event Met Gala took place this year on September 13, Though it happens on the first Monday in May, the pandemic affected its schedule. However, the event managed to gain attention just like always. Apart from sweeping attention for the celebrities arrival and their talked-about outfits, the event is in news for one more reason. A popular TikToker going by the name of Nina Lin has gotten in the limelight after she snuck into the event. She is going viral all over the internet for going over the board.

Who is Nina Lin TikTok Star Sneaks Into Met Gala 2021 Without A Pass Goes Viral

It all started when the social media influencer uploaded a video on her YouTube channel. She titled the video with “I snuck into the met gala 2021!”. It is coming forward that Nina Lin didn’t get any invite for the event and yet she reached there to see the high profile celebrities up close. The video featured the influencer clicking celebrities with popular stars including Kendall Jenner, Emma Chamberlain, and Gigi Hadid. Besides, she witnessed the glamourous event live and captured everything on her device. The video quickly gained huge engagement and within no time amassed a million views.

Nina was also seen getting dressed up for the fashion event in her video. She seemed excited as she wore an expensive pantsuit that can fit her into the event. Sources claim that she used a fake press card to enter there and called herself a New York Times Snapchat reporter or something. Even, while capturing moments with the celebrities, Nina introduced herself as a reporter only. Besides, Nina herself stated that she almost got caught plenty of times but somehow managed to stayed there until the closure. Netizens are sharing the video and have been discussing it lately.

Talking about Nina Lin, she is quite popular on the video-sharing platform, Tik Tok. She has almost 2 million followers on the said app while her videos have garnered 19 million likes. Mostly, she uploads her lip-syncing videos. Besides, she also posts beauty-related content and comedic videos. Her fun-loving personality has helped her gaining much recognition at a young age. Reports state that Nina Lin is 20-years-old. She always remains in controversies as earlier she was slammed for using a racial slur in one of her videos to which she had shared an apology. She had stated that as an Asian American, she shouldn’t have said it and that she is deeply sorry.


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