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Who is Paul Rice? Warns LSU Students to Stay in Groups After Madison Brooks Murder


Paul Rice warns LSU students to stay in groups and a long message. Now this message of his and was gathering a lot of attention on the internet where so many people express their responses to this news. He is the father of Slain Allison Rice, a 21-year-old student of LSU who died in a fatal shot incident on 16 September 2022 opened up after the death incident of Madison Brooks. There are so many people who raised various questions related to his message, so now we are going to discuss his message and some more information related to this incident in this article.

Who is Paul Rice Warns LSU Students

As per the information, His father asked the community for a cultural change and he shared a message in which he said that now crime is everywhere and the increasing crime rate is going out of control. After many tries and despite our leaders and people stopping these crimes but nothing is changed these things are still happening. Enough is Enough and it is not safe for us which affects our living. In the end, we need a change such as a culture change. It is needed to be addressed in our population and areas of our tows.

His important message was for these college-age youth and he said that they have to understand the need to travel in groups and always stick with their groups or friends otherwise it is not safe to travel. He saw a post on social media in which women would go to bars in groups as well as they went bathroom in groups and left the bar in groups of their friends. I really need to clarify that that’s something that needs to be pushed again. It’s got to be a wake-up call for these students for their safety and it’s not only for girls where boys also need to travel in groups.

He continued and said more that There has been a history in that area for a long period of many years and that there have been many activities such as drugs and fights will be done in the area. There are so many bad habits that have happened for serving underage customers as well. He told, Madison and Allie have different circumstances but the conclusion was the same resulting in their deaths. There are so many who shared their good responses to his message. Stay connected with socialtelecast.com to get more articles related to the latest and other news topics of the entire world.


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