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Who is Peggau On TikTok? Did He Attempt Suicide? Is He Dead Or Alive? Wiki Bio Girlfriend Instagram Post


Recently, social media is flooded with rumours regarding the popular content creator Peggau. You must have heard his name as he happens to be quite famous on the internet. The young creator’s charming looks and his creativity in the content that he posts on his social media always get him in the headlines. Now, this Tik Tok star has been making headlines for an alleged suicide attempt. It is being circulated that he tried to take his own life. Netizens are confused if Peggau has died or is alive. Here’s what we know about him and his death hoax and rumours.

Peggau On TikTok

Peggau, a popular Tik Tok content creator, is being said to have attempted suicide. The news has been going viral online and is creating confusion among his fans who want to know what even happened to him. You must be wondering about the origin of the rumours. Well, let us tell you that his parents reportedly shared a post on Instagram where they informed the public about Peggau being found in an unconscious state. As soon as the post was shared, the creator’s fans got frightened and started spamming the post asking about his health updates.

What Happened With Peggau?

However, apart from that mentioned Instagram post, not much information has been shared by his family yet. It is expected that Peggau would have gained consciousness. Netizens are praying for his speedy recovery and are expressing their concern towards him. With that, the content creator has occupied the top trends and has become the subject of discussion among the people. Talking about the post, it has been shared on Peggau’s Instagram account which has garnered more than 6 lakh likes and plenty of comments. Besides informing about his health, Peggau’s parents ask the people not to attack Peggau’s girlfriend, Belle.


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Peggau’s parents also stated through the post that one should be careful while saying things on the internet and went ahead to pray for their son’s betterment. Well, it is assumed that Peggau became a victim of social media toxicity as something must have triggered to the extent that he decided to end his life. Speaking of Peggau, the Tik Tok star’s real name is Joao Vitor Nunes Peggau. In January 2021, he debuted on social media and within no time, he gained plenty of followers. His IG account has more than 1M followers where he has shared 42 posts. Sources claim that he is 18-year-old as he was born on October 3, 2003.


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