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Who is Pixie Curtis? 11 Year-Old Millionaire Car Collections Wiki Biography Age Profession Net Worth


The well-known Australian entrepreneur Pixie Curtis has become one of the most trending personalities on the internet. Having more than 120K followers, the 11-year-old girl is gaining attention for becoming a millionaire at such a young age. You would be surprised to know that Pixie owns a Mercedes Benz and has a $230K car collection. Recently, she got acrylic nails that have gotten her attention too. Let us find out who is Pixie Curtis in the article below and get all the details about her. Scroll below for further information.

Pixie Curtis

Born in Australia, millionaire Pixie frequently shares pics of her luxurious lifestyle on her official Instagram account. Her home gym, which has a treadmill, weights, and even a Pilates reformer, was the most recent place she shared photos. In a month, Curtis, who will be 11 years old, will have the chance to retire at the age of 15. How Curtis, a pre-teen, can afford a home gym, cars that cost $230,000, and even frequent, costly acrylic manicures, is a mystery. She was only able to become a millionaire because of her two successful business owners, Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis.

Pixie’s Pix, an Australian toy company, was started by Curtis and her mother, Jacencko. Within 48 hours of the company’s launch, all of their colorful, eye-catching toys were sold, and in the first month, the business grossed over $200,000. It has come forward that Jacencko started a hair accessory company when Curtis was still a child. The company was named “Pixie’s Bows”. Owned by Jacencko, a prominent businessman in the PR industry along with her spouse Oliver Curtis, the company was made in Pixie’s honor. Let us add that the couple has a 7-year-old son named Hunter who resides in a Sydney residence worth $6.6 million.

Jacencko said she chose Curtis’ pricey automobile because of its “additional safety features” despite having already spent an astounding $230,000 on cars, including $51k on her daughter’s Mercedes-Benz. She told News.com.au that she had bought her a car because “it’s of the utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the highways when traveling to and from school.” Jacencko continued, “She obviously doesn’t drive it, she and her brother are driven in it too and from school and for any events. Given the high number of fatalities on our roads, I’ll take any steps necessary to ensure my safety, including purchasing a vehicle with more safety features.


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