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Who Is Rebecca Searing? Nurse Who Stabbed Sleeping Husband To Death


A horrific incident took place recently in Essex, England which even claimed the life of a man. The man was killed by his own wife while he was sleeping at his home. The case received huge recognization across the city. It even circulating all over the Internet and netizens are trying to learn more about the reason for which the woman killed her own husband. As of now, the incident has gained the attention of the police authority and they started their brief investigation against the woman. Get more information on Rebecca Searing killing her own husband.

Rebecca Searing

According to the latest reports claimed by media organizations the woman who stabbed and killed her husband was a professional nurse. She was identified as Rebecca Searing and she was 52 years old when she killed her husband named Paul Searing. Paul was 57 years old at the time of his death. As we mentioned above that the case obtained the attention of the police department and officers took Rebecca into custody and later proceed to the Chelmsford Crown Court. The accused stated that she was trapped in an unhappy marriage and also accused her husband of domestic violence.

In addition to this, Rebecca denied murdering her husband and says that she just lost control at the time and in aggression, she killed her husband. On 12th February of the ongoing year, Rebecca called an ambulance service at around 2:12 AM and stated that she stabbed her husband two times in the abdomen at Ryecroft, Harlow located in West Essex. The police officials also approached the house and arrested the woman. At the time Rebecca was arrested she stated that “I can’t believe I’ve done this” and “I will go down for this.”

Paramedics arrived at Rebecca’s residence after a few whiles of her call and provide initial methods and then took him to the hospital where he was declared lifeless due to his severe injuries. The lady then pleads with police officers to tell her that they are lying to her but the man has died in real and Rebecca has to book for imprisonment for committing such kind of serious crime. The police also recovered a knife with blood on it. The case has been investigated by Lydia George and later found guilty in court. We will get back to you with more information and the latest updates.


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