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Who Is Rhythm Chanana? Delhi Metro Bikini Girl Check Real Name Instagram ID, Wiki-Bio


Every day many kinds of videos are uploaded and posted in which various went viral for their different and interesting content. Similarly, there is a video coming forward that is gaining so much attention and popularity on the internet and social media for the last some weeks. It is coming out that the girl who is seen in this video is Urfi Javed. People are quite shocked after watching the girl who is seen in this video and raising many questions related to this incident, so we decided to make an article on this topic and shared the complete information related to this incident.

Who Is Rhythm Chanana?

According to the exclusive news and information, This video crossed the number of views in millions continually going viral. However, many people and netizens like her confidence in the choice of her clothes, and many people dislike this video or that girl. Everyone has the right to choose what should they want to wear but the person needs to think once before wearing these kinds of clothes on public transport. Although, it is just a quite common for the public to make common on bold and other types of sartorial choices of people. This video was uploaded recently sometime before and made a buzz on the internet or social media.

Who Is Rhythm Chanana?

This video is easy to watch on many social media platforms Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. This video went viral with the Keyword ‘Delhi Metro Bikni Girl’ and is available on the internet. It is confirmed that the girl who is seen in this video is not Urfi Javed and she was determined because she is most popular for her weird or different types of fashion sense. This video became a topic of discussion and many users of social media are making various jokes and criticizing this video. Scroll down to read more topics related to this video.

In this video, it is seen that a girl was seen in a bikini dress and a mini skirt in the Delhi Metro, and after going viral this video has caused a stir on social media. As per the sources and reports, this video was first uploaded on Instagram and then available on many social media pages. Many people are saying this is a bad kind of video because the dressing sense of the girl is not fine to wear and travel in the metro. There is not much information coming forward related to this video and stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on exciting and latest news topics.


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