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Who Is Rich Aldrete? Longtime Monterey County Coach Charged With Alleged Sexual Assault


Here I’m going to share some extremely bad news with you. Salinas Police arrested Rich Aldrete in a case of sexually assaulting. He does sexually assault a girl. He is in police custody. He was a Salinas-area coach. The victim, claimed that when she was just in her 18. She also said that he assaulted her with a foreign object when she was 18 years old. You all are thinking why did he do this? When does the victim take action against him? All the information we can share with you. We can your doubts. And we can also tell what government takes action against him. Just scroll through this for more details.

Who Is Rich Aldrete?

According to the news, the Salinas area coach Rich Aldrete. He allegedly assaults is 58 years old. He has a softball academy. This academy is a very popular club in the Salinas area. He provides training to students in softball. Young girls are also interested in softball so she decided to join Aldrete Academy. After that, she had no idea about the incident. This is a very difficult time for her. They were treated very badly by his coach. We can not imagine how she can face this extremely bad situation. But she never gives up.

Who Is Rich Aldrete?

Finally, she fights for herself after 2 years. She takes action against the criminal. On October 2020, she registered the FIR at the police station. According to the investigation, the police take action against Albrete. He was in police custody. According to the victim, they were sexually assaulted many times by Rich Aldrete. Currently, A girl is just in her 21. She takes steps for herself very confidently. All the people feel very proud of her. She caught the criminal to the police. She is a very brave girl. She also gives us inspiration.

According to the investigation, the police had their hard work on this case. This case is handled by the Monterey County Jail. The criminal is in police custody. The court charged him with two counts of felony sexual assault and beating the victim with foreign objects. Now the criminal is in jail. This news is really shocking for everyone. We heads-off to the girl. She was really a confidential girl. All of you have goosebumps after hearing this news. We can share all the information with you about this news. Follow for more information. Stay tuned with us.


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