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Who Is Robert E. Crimo iii? 4th July Parade Highland Park Mass Shooting Suspect Footage Video


A spine-chilling incident recently took place in America on its Independent day that claimed the life of many people. The case shocked the entire world as such kinds of shooting accidents are enhancing in the country with each day passing. This isn’t the first time when a person killed the people randomly just like that. As of now, the reports are claiming that the brutal incident took place during the parade held at Highland Park, Illinois. The shooting took place on 4th July 2022 when a mass amount of people were involved in the prestigious parade. Get more information on the Mass shooting parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Highland Park 4th july

According to the latest reports, the shooting executes the life of around six people. Along with that 24 people got injured during the shooting rushed to the hospital by the emergency service at the time. As we mentioned the mayhem wreaked havoc that aghast the complete nation and even affected the entire world. The person who is responsible for the damage managed to flee from the scene at the time but was later spotted and detained by the police authority.

The prime suspect of the case has been spotted in the traffic halt by a North Chicago official who was deployed there at duty. The officer chased him before he got stopped and then detained by the authority and booked for Highland Park, the incident happened near the place on Monday. The person has been identified as Robert E. Crimo iii. Initially, the prime suspect of the case had labelled him as a person of interest. The information has been released by the Federal Bureau of investigation lately. The statement hears that “He is being sought for his alleged involvement in the shooting of multiple individuals at an Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Just after the shooting happened the police authority got active and they divided into multiple units to chase down the suspect all over the Chicagoland area. The parade commenced at around 10 AM when all the people were immersed in the joy of the parade to commemorate the independence day on 4th July along Central Avenue suddenly someone interrupted the parade by shooting parade-goers.

The weapons used in the incident had been found on the rooftop. The culprits used a ladder to reach the rooftop. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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