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Who Is Robert Helphrey? Human Remains Found in Car of a Florida Man Who Disappeared in 2006


Today, I’m going to share some shocking news with you. A man who was reported missing in 2006 is found dead inside a submerged car. This incident happened in Florida. This case is handled by a Sonar search and recovery team who found his dead body in the pond. You all are thinking about how the accident happened. What is the reason behind this accident? We can share all the information about this news accident. Scroll up to know more details.

Robert Helphrey

According to the information, On Thursday, 13th of April, in Palm Harbor a man was found dead in the river. He was lost in 2006. Their family reported missing FIR for him. This case is handled by a Sonar search and recovery team. The victim’s name is identified by police. His name is Robert Helphrey. On 22nd May, it’s around 12 am he came back from his office. The last night, he has seen leaving Peggy O’Neil’s Bar which is located on Palm Harbour. The Bar is near his office Thirsty Marlin. He was the general manager of his office. He returned back from his office. He was driving a car to meet with his friend on that day but he will never be reached the location.

Who Is Robert Helphrey?

After that, their fried are waiting for them but he never arrived. their friend also calls him but no answer from this side. Their family registered his missing report after seeing he is not back. In this case, the police do a lot of effort. But they found no clue. Suddenly, it was like a miracle. The groups, which had been working on this case, use Sonar and magnets to find his body. And they do it. They call to their family that their dead body was found in the pond. Hopefully, their family got their body after 16 years.

According to the news, their family has no hope for them. It is a very critical condition for their family. They waited for him but he was no anymore. It is extremely shocking news for everyone. But the police found him. And the case was closed. We wish may god bless their family after this incident. We wish this kind of accident does not happen to anyone Here we can share all the information with you about this case. Follow for more information. Stay tuned with us.


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