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Who Is Ruth Madoc Husband? All About Their Relationship Biography & Net Worth Explored


Today we are going to talk about interesting topics related to who is Ruth Madoc Husband. She was mostly known as a British actress who had a career on stage and screen spanning more than 60 years. She became much more popular after playing a role as Gladys Pugh in the BBC television comedy Hi-de-Hi. This is broadcast on television from 1980 to 1988 and she received a BAFTA TV award for Best Light Entertainment Performance. But sometime before she passed away on 9 December 2022 and she is no more in present. There are too many questions raised about her and her personal life by the users of social media. In this article, we will discuss her life and who is her husband Let’s talk in brief about her and her personal life.

Who Is Ruth Madoc Husband All About Their Relationship Biography Net Worth Explored

She gets married to two people and she has a total of two children let us talk in detail, She was the first to get married to Philip Madoc in 1961 while working in the television serial “The Life And Times Of David Lloyd George” and he was hi co-actor in this serial. She shared two children with him together one is a son named Rhys and the other is a daughter named Lowri. Then she gets divorced him in 1981 and again get married to John Jackson in 1982 and continues his beautiful life with him. She and her second husband spent their romantic life until the death of her second husband who died in 2021.

Who Is Ruth Madoc Husband?

She was born on 16 April 1943 in Norway, Norfolk, England currently, she had passed away. His complete name is Margaret Ruth Llewellyn Baker and she is most popular as a Ruth Madoc. She grew up with her grandmother and grandfather at Llansamlet in Swansea and spend her childhood living with her parents. From her childhood, she was too much interested in acting and playing roles in drama and this can be said to be the reason that reason she went to the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

She played to be a versatile actress as she didn’t only work in films but also in commercials, television sitcoms, and theatres. After finishing her training at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art (RADA) she begins working in “The Black And White Minstrel Show” and she also worked in the show for around three years which resulted in her great breakthrough in her career came. On her death, there are too many people shoe their grief and various celebrities also tributes.


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