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Who is Saba Azad Hrithik Roshan’s Girlfriend Age Differance Wiki Biography Instagram


Once again, megastar Hrithik Roshan is remaining the subject of wide discussion among his admirers, after posting a few adorable photos with his girlfriend Saba Azad on Social media. Yes, you heard right, recently Hrithik shared a few glimpses of their golden memories which indicates their cute bonding, and therefore, now the admirers of Hrithik are looking ahead to make themselves aware of her personal stuff because seldom one would have been known about her, otherwise, till now, the information are remaining ascertained besides knowing that she is being dated by Hrithik Roshan, below you can explore the further information.

Saba Azad Hrithik Roshan’s Girlfriend

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have reportedly been dating for a very long time and have been seen together at multiple events. Most recently, the two were spotted together at Karan Johar’s birthday bash, where they received a lot of attention for their closeness and for posing for photos. Countless individuals admired the two since they appeared amazing, but a few controversies also emerged when some divulged his background. However, it makes no difference at this point because she is the center of attention, and thousands of people want to be aware of everything.

Who Is Saba Azad?

37-year-old, Saba Azad is a popular actress, musician, and theatre director who is holding a great fan following among her admirers. She was born on 1st November 1985 in a Punjabi family, her family was following the blessing of artists and academics and thus she had also decided to take a step towards the glam industry. Besides all these, she is also known as a trained dancer in classical, jazz, Latin, contemporary, etc. During her serving period, she made multiple awards in her name, later after getting into a relationship with Hrithik Roshan she again came into the limelight.

Apart from all these, Hrithik’s life usually remained controversial since he married to ex-wife Suzzane with whom he blessed 2 baby boys, and currently, both are not living together and doing their child’s upbringing togetherly well which is adorable. After a few years of getting married, they had to take a divorce but after a few months, they married together and later split their paths forever. Because both Hrithik and Suzzane found partners for themselves and looking forward to begin their new life, as they have plenty of responsibilities and thus, soon they could get married too. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast


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