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Who Is Sam Brinton? Joe Biden New Hire Head of The Energy Department and Fuel and Waste Disposal


The US president Joe Biden has hired Sam Briton as the head of the energy department and fuel and waste disposal. The announcement has brought the newly appointed head Sam Briton in the headlines as netizens are searching about him on the internet. Everyone is eager to know who is this new personality and what is his background. Well, Mr Briton is a nuclear waste global strategy guru and is an avid LGBTQ+ advocate alongside. Sam is gaining a lot of intention on social media. Let’s find out details about him.

Sam Brinton

As mentioned above, Sam Biton is an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community who has been fighting for their rights and beliefs through various campaigns and online platforms. Unlike other people, Sam has never hesitated to talk about his real identity. Briton openly addresses himself as gay and does not hide it. The newly-appointed head of the energy department uses pronouns such as they and their.

Who Is Sam Brinton?

Before being appointed to this position, Sam had been practising pseudoscientific therapy where he attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation from heterosexual to homosexual and bisexual if they do not feel their existing identity. Several sources were claiming that Sam Briton is a former drag queen but he does not seem to be a drag queen. However, he has always remained vocal about his identity and never tried to hid it from his family, media, or anyone for that matter.

Sam Briton remains quite active on social media. On Instagram, the personality has called himself in his bio a left-wing activist and advocate of sexual fetishes. He has also shared that he will be working as a high-level staffer at the US Department of Energy. The update in his bio has resulted in him becoming the hot topic. Believing Sam Briton’s Insta bio, it is reported that he has been appointed to the post of energy department by Joe Biden who is the 46th President of the United States.

Although not much is known by the personality, it is reported that he is an MIT graduate having a master’s degree in nuclear science and engineering and is the son of Southern Baptist missionaries. In 2010, Sam organized the Kansas State University’s inaugural Pride March. He went on to become BornPerfect Campaign leading advocate to abolish conversion therapy and in 2014, Sam became the first conversion therapy survivor. Now, he has been named the next deputy assistant secretary of the Energy Department’s Office of Nuclear Energy.


  1. I was going to ask if he is a qualified pick by skills or by identity, but I see he’s at least a graduate of MIT.
    As long as he doesn’t mess with children then I don’t care.


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