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Who Is Samsung Samantha & How To Get New 3D Virtual Assistant Sam Girl? Check Gender Age & Release Date


Nowadays, Technology has become an integral part of human life and therefore numerous people consider it first over everything. In short, it’s an easier way get to reach the fresh and overwhelming technology around the entire world, because uncounted human beings depend on it therefore many organizations are waving their flag in the technology world, which is very wonderful and making. As we all are aware of many incredible and digital assistants that are available inside smartphones and technology service providers.

Who Is Samsung Samantha & How To Get New 3D Virtual Assistant Sam Girl? Check Gender Age & Release Date

As everyone is familiar with many gadgets which made our work comfy somewhere such as Microsoft has Cortana, iPhone has Siri, and Amazon has Alexa that works on voice notes. These features and gadgets have created different types of fanbases all over the world, In short, besides these, work could be a bit difficult. Due to these a human life has become a bit easier, because you can make your hectic work smooth with the help of these tools. You can send messages, photos just to tap on your assistant and it can open by the voice as well.

Presently, the Virtual Girl is getting viral on social media massively and making an impact on many people, In short, it has become a trend on Social Media. As per the recent reports or sources, a multi awards winner visual designing production company called Lightfarm Studious recently unleashed a new virtual Faces and this can prove to be a huge change in the lives of the people who use it. The company has replaced a virtual assistant called Bixby, and at the same time launched a new avatar called “Sam” which is getting viral.

Below you can get to know about the all essential details of Samsung Girl because many people want to know about her name, and is not she cool?. So the Samsung girl who got the name “SAM” presently working in Lightfarm Studios. You can know more about the company as well. So Lightfarm Studious mainly focused to build or create realistic CGI images, Videos, VR, and Filters as well. So nowadays an exclusive concept of them is getting viral on Social Media called “SAM”.

Uncounted people are supposing that maybe Bixby is being changed by the company and “SAM” would take place instead of it. So as per the sources, it will be released soon among the people, so that, they can also use it. Another attractive thing, that it’s getting trend on social media whether it Twitter or other platforms, which indicates the curiosity level of technology lovers. It is hoped that a feature will also be beneficial for the people, so to know more updates stay connected with us.


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