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Who Is Sarah Somerset-How? Woman Used Disabled Husband as ‘cash cow’, Slept With His Caretaker


today we are going to tell you about a case which getting in the headlines all over the world. Yes, this incident happens in Chichester, West Sussex. A woman was accused of cheating on her husband with his caretaker for 10 years. Who is she why she cheated all answers we will try to give you about this case so please scroll down the page and continue to read. The woman we are talking about is Sarah Somerset who is 49 years old and accused of enslaving her blindly disabled husband and also cheating on him with his caretaker. Tom Somerset-How, who is partially blind and has cerebral palsy, for 10 years while having an affair with his carer George Webb, 50.

Who Is Sarah Somerset-How

The duo has also been accused of using Mr. Somerset-How, 40, as a backer to swindle him out of his $15,017 inheritance. Mrs. Somerset currently charged the faces including holding a person in slavery, fraud, theft, and ill-treatment by a care worker. The man was living in sheltered accommodation and recovering from surgery. The duo eventually moved into a purpose-built bungalow in Chichester, West Sussex. The victim told that he had required 24-hour care since his birth.

Who Is Sarah Somerset-How?

Tom received money from his family members and which was taken by them became a victim of modern slavery in his own home.How can any person do this thing to their family members. Marriage is a beautiful institution and celebration of two people life who loved each other. If anyone did not love another person who is going to marry so they should not be done that and ruined that person’s life.do not do anything like that which ruins everyone’s life. Tom’s wife cheated on him for 10 years with his take care. She did marry him for money because he is partially blind and thinks that she could do anything after taking his money.

According to the reports, Sarah who is toms wife, and his take care named Webb were arrested and taken into custody where Both Mrs. Somerset-How and Webb have denied the charges made against them. The trial is reportedly expected to last four weeks. This kind of case is increasing day by day and that’s why people lost their belief in love. Please don’t ruin your own and others’ life for only money. There is nothing you will get after ruining the person’s life. For more news updates stay tuned to this website.


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