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Who is Scam Queen Caroline Calloway? Check Her Scam With Followers


Hello everyone, in today’s article we will tell you about a popular social media sensation Caroline Calloway. Caroline Calloway is a popular social media star, but do you know that she has been labeled as Scam Queen on social media by the netizens. Yes you all heard right, Caroline Calloway is popularly called Scam Queen on social media, she has fooled netizens. In today’s article, we will tell you all about the scam queen.

Who is Scam Queen Caroline Calloway

Caroline Calloway, widely called Scam Queen was raised in Virginia US. Currently, the scam queen is 27 years old. Caroline studied at the popular and prestigious New York University back in the year 2012. She always wanted to be a writer. She started posting on Instagram. She chose Instagram as a platform for her writing talent and skill. She started writing lengthy captions on Instagram. After some time, her long captions were quite popularised on Instagram and she started getting followers. Her popularity was increasing on Instagram with each passing day.

This increasing popularity of her got her a great deal for books. Although later it was revealed that Caroline Calloway cracked this deal by making fool of the literary Agent’s secretary. This news broke out as a massive stir on social media and since then her reputation started rotting among the public. Although Caroline spoke about this incident after some time and stated that she backed out from this deal because she was an addict to Adderall. Even this news was a massive shocker for all her fans and followers. This news also created a massive stir on social media at that time. Reports have suggested that Caroline had received the 30℅ advances of his payment for this deal.

After some time of this interview, the secretary of the literary agent also gave an interview and he called her dishonest and seriously ill. This was another controversy for the popular social media star. She has been making headlines for the wrong reasons for some time and this statement and controversy were the cherries on top. She had been called a scammer all over social media. She has earned fame for all the wrong reasons. The social media star earned a massive amount of followers on social media platforms Instagram and Tiktok. Although, she again grabbed massive headlines back in 2021, when she suddenly deleted all her posts on Instagram. All the followers and netizens were shocked to see this. Well, there is no such personal information about the popular star in the public domain. Lately, the reports have claimed that she has been very less active on social media too, due to past controversies. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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