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Who is Seamus Gray? Missing 21-year-old Navy sailor’s body pulled from Lake Michigan


Today we are going to tell you about a case where a report was filed of a missing person and after one of the missing complaints he was found dead. A missing US Navy sailor was founded dead more than a month after going missing in the North Suburban area of Chicago. The person who was found dead in the north suburban area was identified as Seamus Gray who missing for one month. We will try to give you all the information which is collected with deep research. To know more about this case’s details and information please scroll down the page and read the whole article.

According to the reports we get to know that utility workers reported seeing what they thought to be a body in the water and it became a reality.When the workers do their work maintenance near by Harbor. A police officer takes out a lifeless body to the land with the clothing of Grays’s’s description. Gray was the name of 21 years old boy who was the US Navy sailor and had gone missing for a month. after one month he was escorted by police when some workers informed them. For more details please keep continuing to read.

Seamus Gray

Seamus Gray who was 21 years old went missing on Saturday 18 March and was last seen leaving a bar in Waukegan. He was a US Navy sailor and was found dead. The body was discovered in the water. The custody of the corpse is in hands of the Lake County Coroner. The date of the Autospying of the body is 20 April 2023 on Thursday. Deputy Chief Brian Mullen of the Waukegan police department said that we received some videos in which Grays is showing. According to the statement Chief Gray was last captured alone on CCTV when he walking around at 1.40 toward the intersection of Sheridan Road and Washington Street.

It is not confirmed that he committed suicide or that anyone tried to kill him but according to camera footage and walking towards the sea around 1.40 am can be expected that he committed suicide, on the other hand, it if we look at the report of missing we can also expect that someone is tried to kill him. However, the police investigation is continuing. Kerry Gray who is the mother of Gray said  “I would like everybody’s help to find my son. I’m here, I’m going through dumpsters looking for my son,” according to Fox32 Chicago. Friends and family members stated that Gray, who turned 21 in February, “lived for the Navy. This was filed when he was missing.”Our condolence and sympathy for him and for his mother.




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