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Who Is Shaun Daly Australian Fisherman Missing in Waters off Indonesia Dead Or Alive? Wiki Bio Age


A quite shocking incident is arriving from Australia where a person has been missing underwater in Indonesia since the weekend. His Family and Friends have collected uncounted dollars to find a “Fearless Ocean Lover”. It is being said that Shaun Daly belongs to Zimbabwe but was recently surviving in Cairns, but from Saturday morning he got disappeared near Mentawai Island while, Spearfishing. There is an atmosphere of sorrow among all his relatives and family because a very long time has passed since he disappeared and somewhere it is a matter of concern, get to know more check the details below.

Shaun Daly

As per the exclusive reports, Shaun Daly’s brother Martin gave a statement in which, he cleared that Shaun is an ocean lover, and likes to do such activities which are connected to the ocean. Further, he added that Shaun is a tough guy and loves to explore the inside ocean things because he does not afraid of anything. Mr. Daly said that he saw his brother last time on Saturday morning at 10:00 PM when he was on a boat and an anonymous man stooped him for a conversation. That man was asking him what he was doing there and it seems suspicious somewhere.

It is being reported, that his close ones created a GoFundMe page through which, everyone can contribute and they will use the money in his searching operation. Plenty of people are showing their nice gestures by sharing their contribution because his family is going through from a great shock as he got disappeared. Approximately 47,000 dollars has been collected hitherto through the page. Mr. Daly mentioned that around 13,700 dollars are used for organizing a plane, therefore the rest of the money also going towards expenses. They said that Indonesia’s Navy department sent a few divers who are helping them to find him.

Mr. Daly has thanked people who are contributing money on their page to help them because they need the money and thousands of people have shown their love. Further said that every penny is too worthy for them because no matter what happens they will find Shaun at any cost. Further said that even today there are some people living on earth, who are the form of God and helping them in this difficult time, whom they are thanking wholeheartedly. But it been a third day and due to bad weather they could find him last night, therefore everyone is praying for his safety and we will also do the same. 


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