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Who is Sonia Loja? Sick Mom Last Note Check Why Did She kill her 3 Children


A horrific incident took place in Danbury, Connecticut that made the blood run cold of all the people who have learnt about it. The horrendous incident is surfacing all over the Internet and people are immensely shocked while getting details of the complete case. The case was even investigated by law enforcement and disclosed that it is a triple murder-suicide case. The police released the information about the deceased. It is being said that a mother of three killed her own 3 children and then committed suicide. Get more information on Who is Sonia Loja and why she killed her own children.

Sonia Loja

According to the latest reports affirmed by some significant information sources that the woman who killed her own children brutally has been identified as Sonia Loja who was residing in Danbury, Connecticut. The reports said that she killed all of her kids by strangulation and later she committed suicide by hanging herself. The mother identified as Sonia Loja whereas her three children identified as Junior Panjon who was 12 years of age, Joselyn Panjon 10 years old and Jonael Panjon 5 years old at the time of death.

The Danbury Police department disclosed that at the time officers approached the house they found all of them lifeless. The corpses of the deceased were rushed to the medical facilities and the doctor sent the bodies for autopsy the reports claimed that all three kids died due to choking. The initial investigation released information claiming that Ms Loja choked all of her three children before hanging herself. However, it is an assumption by the investigating team the rest will be cleared by the autopsy report. In addition to this, the mother and the children were living along with two adults who weren’t present there at the time.

All the people and authorities themselves are trying to find out the reason for this brutality. A mother who can sacrifice her own life for her children, how can she take the lives of her own children? The prominent reason behind the murder is being investigated by the officials.

The police department is burning the midnight oil to solve the case. The appalling incident even gained the attention of Dead Esposito, the mayor of Danbury released a statement through which expressed his sorrow. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast for the latest updates.


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