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Who Is Stephanie Melgoza? Bodycam Video Shows Woman Laughing Before Being Arrested For Killing Two in DUI Crash


Recently, a video was shared on the internet that is now running on the top of the internet and spreading like fire on many social media pages. This video went viral and is currently, running in the trends of the internet or social media pages. This video featured Stephanie Melgoza who is a former student and she also getting attention and popularity on the internet. If you are also searching this viral video and hitting the search engines to know more about this video and her then you reached the right site. We shared the complete information about her and this viral video in this article, so let’s continue with us.

Who Is Stephanie Melgoza?

As per the exclusive reports and information, the student featured in this viral video was sentenced to prison for 14 years. The order to send her to prison was taken on 27 April 2023. She was accused of killing Paul Prowant two was 55 years old and Andrea Rosewicz who was 43 years old and her crime has been proven. Both deceased victims were identified as couples and residents of Avon. She killed them in 2022 when she struck and killed them while they were crossing the street from Lorain County outside a bar in East Peoria. She hit them with her red Dodge Dart a little after 10 pm and she is founded guilty of two counts each of aggravated DUI and aggravated reckless driving.

Who Is Stephanie Melgoza?

In this investigation, it is also confirmed that she had consumed three drinks of vodka and she stated that her purse contained cannabis. It is shared that she was driving her vehicle at a speed of 10 miles per hour and police also discovered an open bottle of vodka and cannabis. She stated a fake statement that she was not drunk on the day of the crash but as per the evidence, it is confirmed that she was not in stable condition.

There is a video also circulating on the internet that shows herself laughing after killing the couple. This video is easy to watch and this video is available on many social media pages such as Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, and many more additional. There are many social media users sharing their reactions to this incident and demanding justice. Lots of time the reason behind accidents is drinking and driving. There is not much information is coming out related to this incident. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles.


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