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Who Is Sukanya? Why Anubrata Mondal’s Daughter Arrested By ED In Smuggling Case


A person who is denied cooperation during several funds of questioning on Wednesday that eventually led to her arrest. The person we are talking about is the daughter of Bibirum district president Anubarata Mondal Sukanya Mondal. People and district went angrier o them but also found the truth it is true or not. maybe this is only a rumor and why was she arrested? what she did do wrong and why she did do that? We will try to give you all the information about her and what allegations she faced. To know more scroll down the page and continue to read.

Sukanya Mondal was on 22 March 1985 in a middle-class family in Kolkata. She graduated from Visva Bharti University. She worked as a teacher at a primary school in 2011 in West Bengal.

Anubrata Mondal's Daughter Sukanya Arrested

Her mother Chitra Devi Mondal is a housewife and her father is the district president of Bribum Trinamool Congress who is currently in Tihar jail because of the cow smuggling case.

Why Anubrata Mondal’s Daughter Arrested

Sukanya Mondal who is the daughter of theĀ  Birbhum district president Anubarta Mondal has been Uncooperative with the Enforcement Director and has been unable to the reconciliation of her income and expenditure. Her father was arrested because of an allegation of smuggling. Her father was taken into custody for interrogation on cow smuggling. Now he is currently in Tihar jail.

Sukaynya could not explain her expenditure and income and also showed incorporation behavior towards the Enforcement Director. Sukanya is a teacher and her monthly income is 50000. But when the property and cash were accumulated it had been more than that they incomed officially. Banks also have ANM Agrochem and Neer Developers Pvt Ltd – and jointly own two rice mills, Shiv Shambhu Rice Mill and Bhole Bom Rice Mill. And Birbhum has about 120 khata land in the name of Sukanya Mandal, whose current market value is about Tk 24 crores. Sukanya and her father were arrested because of cow smuggling and making black money and hid it. She was arrested because of her role in the cattle smuggling scam and the money laundering involved.TH conclusion is that she has huge properties in her name and she cannot explain them and tried to avoid the to explain to officers.



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