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Who Is Syesha Mercado American Idol Star? Lost Her Baby to The Authorities


Life can be tragedic to anyone, recently American Idol fame Syesha Mercado facing a miserable life nowadays. Well, according to the latest reports, the son of the Indian Idol star has been taken by the authorities. Mercado came Live through her Social Media account seeking help. Well, the particular video of Mercado is asking for help is fetching the attention of the people. She even shared a photo of her along with her son on her official Instagram account with an extremely long caption wherein she is sharing her sorrow and grief with all of her fans.

Syesha Mercado

Well, according to the long caption wherein Syesha is sharing what happened to her. She wrote that she took her son to the hospital to get some extra fluid as her son was denying taking essential fluids we are providing him. Well, he was weaning from long-term breastfeeding to taking more solid food and bottle feeding on his own. She went to a doctor and inform everything and the doctor asked her to keep going on with what she is doing. Even after that, Syesha thought to visit a ‘Pediatric specialist’ for some more options.


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Later, Syesha added that she is being alleged to me for abusing and medical neglect within a while after we arrived at the hospital, Syesha said. She further said that she even stop the SNS Pump after the doctor suggested to her that it affected the mother’s milk. Later Ra breastfeeding had been completely stopped. Syesha said that despite set us free, the authorities kept her son under observation. Along with that, they humiliate her and judge her throughout the complete interrogation. The singer unveiled that her husband is barricaded to meet his child since they kept him under observation.

As of now, Syesha’s son is in foster care, well foster care is temporary custody for orphanage children or the children whose parents are failed to take appropriate care of their children. Syesha disclosed all these things a couple of days ago through a live video on the Social Media platform Instagram. She also shared that the authorities also took her daughter either. In her caption of the post, Syesha wrote “they took my baby again.”

Well, in the video Syesha is sobbing and asking for help, she says that the special authority took her daughter. According to her statement, Syesha asked the Child Protective Service to return her 10 days old baby. She is even claiming that she has the papers as evidence that she took her child for a check-up. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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