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Who is Tek Knight? The Boys Character as Twitter erupts over Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining Season 4


According to reports, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ready to reunite with Eric Kripke, Supernatural creator, for the fourth season of Amazon’s The Boys. Taking to Twitter, the makers of the show shared a snap of Morgan from what seems to be a video. Adding a caption, they wrote that they chuffed to welcome them and further wrote that they can not confirm if he is getting any tights. After the announcement, several primary cast members, including Eric Kripke, welcomed Morgan. Check further details of the matter in the article below.

Tek Knight

Let us add that the fans got excited to learn about the announcement and his potential inclusion in the cast as Tek Night. It is said that The Boys series will feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan in different roles. Nevertheless, it is also plausible that the actor will play Tek Knight as the makers teased that Morgan’s character may not get to wear tights despite the actor’s seeming interest in wearing one. Supernatural fans were thrilled that Morgan had joined the show, where previously his co-star Jensen Ackles portrayed the antagonist Soldier Boy in Season 3.

Apart from the information that Jeffrey will appear in the series, details about his role in the series are still unknown. As mentioned, the 56-year-old actor would portray Tek Knight from the comics. Although no confirmation has been made regarding the kind of role the actor will portray, the fans believe that Dean will essay the character of Robert Vernon. Before Vernon, multiple individuals have donned the mantle.

In the first and second seasons of the series, Vernon’s Tek Knight was an Iron Man and Blue Beetle parody from Marvel and DC Comics. In the season two premiere episode, the character’s film titled Tek Knight Lives is mentioned. Vernon’s take on a technological suit as he did not receive Compound V to get powers. It has a propulsion system that enables him to fly in terms of his abilities. Furthermore, the suit is equipped with several gadgets that assist him in crime fighting.

Now, talking about the character, they also had a sidekick or protege who was the parody character of DC’s Robin. Like Batman’s protege Robin, Laddio was replaced multiple times and one of them even became a Nightwing-esque character called SwingWing. Keep following our site and get all the latest and trending news that is happening around the world. Follow our site for more updates!


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