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Who is the Founder of Blue Moon beer? Watch Molson Coors’ first Super Bowl ad


Finally, the first super bowl advertisement of Molson Coors has been released and the fans are surprised after enjoying this ad. This ad is now getting a lot of attention and popularity around the world and so many users of social media expressing their superb reactions to this ad. This ad surprised the fans and rapidly got too much attention and responses from the netizens or people. Let us know what is in this ad and why this ad is getting a lot of attention on the internet in this article, so read this article continuously.

Who is the Founder of Blue Moon beer

As per the sources, this ad shows and presents the Blue Moon beer, and this ad surprised the fans to see the beer in this ad. In this ad, we can see two people praising their beers and both are fighting over which beer is best between the fight, they both praise their beer and this makes somewhere the video a comedy. After the fight, a woman says that “actually it’s a blue moon commercial and suddenly the video ends. This ad states that Blue Moon is better than other drinks. This beer ad gathered a lot of attention on the internet but seriously this kind of making advertisement is most liked by the fans and people on the internet.

Brewmaster Keith Villa is the founder of this Blue Moon Beer and the complete name of this beer company is the Molson Coors Beverage Company. This company is an American-Canadian multinational drink and brewing company. MillerCoors is the owner of this Beer and it was first made in 1995 at the Sandlot Brewery in Denver, CO, and later this beer became so popular around the world. Currently, this beer is brewed at the RiNo Brewery in Denver and the headquarters of this company is situated in Golden, Colorado or Chicago, Illinois in USA and Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Social media has the power to make anyone so popular and make some bad in the eyes of netizens as well as this ad also gained a lot of attention from the fans who were shocked to see the beer in this ad. This company also sells other products such as malt, beverages, energy drinks and spirits, and wines. This ad was launched on a Youtube channel named Coors Light and this channel contains around more than 25.5k subscribers on their account. Stay connected to get more articles on the latest news of the daily world.


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