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Who Is The Girl In Yashraj Mukhate Latest Video Check Sheherzade Noor Peerzada Instagram Wiki Biography Bio Age?


Social media has become such a platform that can popularize anyone in a blink of an eye. Not a single day goes by when a video or a creator goes viral. It has become an everyday thing now. One such name has gotten added to the list who recently started getting trended. Yes, we are talking about Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada who has become the talk of the town after the popular Indian musical composer Yashraj Mukhate posted a new music video that featured the meme that was used by Peerzada. Who even is that girl and why is she trending? Let’s find out.

Sheherzade Noor Peerzada yashraj

On August 10, Yashraj Mukhate posted a music video where he used a meme that was originally posted by Peerzada. Within a short course of time, the said video garnered huge attention as the number of followers of the composer is around 2 Million itself. Presently, it had gained around three lakh views along with plenty of likes. Soon after the video, the netizens got curious about the girl. Well, Sheherzaade Noor Peerzada is a Palkistani actress while she is a renwned comedian as well. With over 66k followers on her Instagram account, Peerzada is quite popular in the country.

In Sheherzaad’s Instagram bio, the actress calls herself a voice artist along with a comedian and actor. Speaking of her being a voice artist, she has done voice-overs for several shows including The J&J Show while for some television commercials as well. Just like every other influencer, Peerzada is also famous for creating a very popular character named Baji Bombastic. Surprisingly, the character has garnered a huge fan base and has a separate account as well where he essays the role of a burqa-clad Muslim lady that has her own perspective on the ongoing issues.

Recently, the Pakistani comedian posted a video on her account where she was seen parodying the travel bloggers. In a comic way, the actress mixed the English word “Suffer” with the Hindi word “Safar”. She told her fans that “May they all Safar”. The video has garnered a lot of engagement as it has successfully reached the very popular engineer turned music composer Yashraj Mukhate who gave a new twist to it. The netizens have always praised the 31-years-old creativity and unique way of providing entertainment. His music video titled “Rasode Me Kaun Tha” was also liked by everyone and had gotten viral in no time.


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