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Who Is The Suspect In Mississippi Mass Shootings? 6 People Dies


There is a piece of news coming forward related to the shooting incident in which six people died and this news is now getting a lot of attention on the internet and also running on various pages of social media. There are so many people expressing their reactions to this terrible gunshot incident and sharing their condolences for the loss of six people who passed away in this incident. This news is reading as another act of madness plaguing America and gathering too much popularity on the top of the news. Let us discuss in detail what happened there and the reason behind this incident in this article.

Who Is The Suspect In Mississippi Mass Shootings

As per the reports and information, A man who is 52 years old and has three guns fatally shot six people including his ex-wife, and the other five are not verified yet. This incident took place during a rampage in a small rural town in Mississippi, United States. The people who died in this incident were killed in multiple places including two homes and a store in Arkabutla. The motive or reason behind this incident is not disclosed yet and the investigation is ongoing where not much information has been shared related to this incident.

The eyewitnesses shared the information about the shooter that the shooter was dressed in camouflage with a gun another eyewitness, Ethan Chases who is 19 years old and a local resident of the area shared that he saw the shooter who was less than three guns and much much information to the police. There were two shooting incidents that happened, the first one was done incident at a store on Arkabutla Road where one man was killed and the police found a dead body of a woman inside a home on the road of Arkabutla Dam and her husband also have major injuries but it is not cleared that he too was shot.

The shooter is arrested and under custody and police continue their investigation but not much information is shared or announced. Arkabutla is a small town whose population is less than 300 people and this shooting incident took place there. This news is rapidly circulating on the internet and many social media platforms where many netizens and users of social media express their reaction to this shooting incident. The investigation is ongoing and we will update our article after getting any news and information related to this shooting incident or mentioned in the article.


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