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Who Is Tim Bergling Aka Avicii, Google Doodle Honors His 32nd Birth Anniversary


A very incredible gesture is being shown by google’s doodle to pay tribute to the 32nd birth anniversary of a Swedish Dj and Songwriter called DJ Tim Bergling- who was quite popular as Avicii. Sketch in the neon artist Alyssa Winans has created a doodle in which you can see Avicci while playing keyboard and creating the music which is looking overwhelming. Whenever the user will touch on Goggle they will see a motion picture tribute pops up on Youtube which is quite special. In short, Google has presented a very amazing gesture from its side.


As per the exclusive reports, Bergling is well-familiar as the artist who initiated electronic dance music (EDM) towards the mainstream worldwide. Avicii is massively preferred to have immortal altered for the pop genre’s trajectory, he was born in a Stockholm family who are too creative. Therefore his upbringing took place while listening to a multi-genre type of music, from the age of 16 he started mixing tones along with writing uplifting electronic music. He is such a person who git success in the music world at a very young age and his style of music is a big change in itself.

It is being said that he started his career by releasing his Dance Anthem called “Levels” in 2011, and ever since he made the audience familiar, it stood at the top of pop-chart. He has done a lot of works as well and one of which is ” House For Hunger” which he has done in 2012 during the American tour. In the same year, he had collaborated with Madonna in Miami and broke the record through live streaming. between 2011 to 2016 Avicii has played an estimated, there are some of the reasons due to which, people like to see him to such an extent that you can not even guess.

In a very small time duration, Bergling has made plenty of global music awards on his name as winners, which is quite incredible and commendable too. He won the best artist award in 2014 and won the best innovator award as well in 2012, along with the best electronic dance artist award in 2014. In short, many achievements have registered on his name which makes him super popular among the people. This is the reason that everyone would like to watch him, and hence, uncounted people are wishing him through social media as Google did.


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