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Who is Timothy Lee Wilson? Florida Man Sentences for Torturing His 11-year-Old Stepson Who Was Rescued by Waitress


Our latest report is From the American state of Florida, where a 36 years old man has been sentenced to multiple life sentences for torturing his 11-year-old stepson. The convicted man has been identified as 36 years old Timothy Lee Wilson from Florida. He has been accused of brutally torturing his 11 years old Stepson.

 Timothy Lee Wilson

The tortured stepson was rescued by a waitress on new year’s day. Timothy Lee Wilson has been convicted for aggravated Child abuse, aggravated Child abuse with a weapon, child neglect, and false imprisonment in June and now he has been sentenced to multiple life imprisonment on 24 August. The most shocking thing, in this case, is that the biological mother of the victim boy was aware of the torture his son going through. The mother of the victim’s brother Kristen Swann. Kristen Swann will face charges of child neglect. Although her sentence is scheduled for 16 September 2022.

The victim was rescued by a waitress at the Mrs. Potato Head restaurant in Orlando. According to the reports, on New Year’s day the family was there at the restaurant and the couple ordered food for themselves but they didn’t order for the little boy and stated that the boy don’t need any meal, he will have dinner at home. The waitress saw some injured Marks on the little boy’s face and arms. The waitress stated that she saw a big scratch near the boy’s eyebrows. She further stated that she saw multiple injury marks and scratches on his body. She said that seeing those marks she felt that something is wrong with the boy. The waitress further stated that she held a signboard toward the boy and asked him if he need any help.

She said that in her first attempt the boys couldn’t see that sign but in her second attempt, the boy saw her sign and responded yes to her question that if he need any help. The waitress then imminently rushed to her manager and then they called police officials. The police officials immediately came to the restaurant. The police interrogated the parents and then in the investigation, they found out that the stepson was being abused by him. The boy was rescued by the police. The waitress further stated that she felt very relieved after seeing the boy being rescued and now after his stepfather got sentenced, has made her relived. She feels that justice has been served to the victim. The charges on the biological mother Kristen Swann have been put on hold. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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