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Who Is Tito Puente? Google Doodle Celebrates Legacy Of ‘The King of Latin Music’


Recently the news has come on the internet that Google Doodle has been honoring Tito Puente life with an animated video in honor of U.S Hispanic Heritage month. As per the report, Hispanic Heritage month is yearly celebrated from 15 September to 15 October by celebrating the history, culture, and contribution of an American citizen whose roots trace back to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Recently this news has come on the internet and this is gaining huge attention from the people. Now many people are very curious to know about the news. Here we have more information and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article.

Who Is Tito Puente Google Doodle Celebrates Legacy Of The King of Latin Music'

According to the report, Google is celebrating the event by shedding light on Tito’s legacy. Tito Puente was a American musician.His real name was Ernest Anthonty Puente Jr, but he was better known as Tito Puente. He was born on 20 April 1932 in New York City’s Spanish Harlem. Tito became an internally famous musician and entertainer. He was a “Nuyorican” musician, a label given to Puerto Ricans living in the United States. In his profession that spanned five decades, the artist established himself as a Composer, recording artist, percussionist, and bandleader.

Who Is Tito Puente?

As far as we know, Tito Puente was widely very famous for popularizing Latin music in the United States. He won the title “El Rey de Los Timbales” and The King of Latin Music” for himself and exactly a year ago to this day, the Tito Puente Monument was revealed in East Harlem, New York City. He grew up encircled by Puerto Rican, Cuban and big band music. He developed a passion for music from an early age and his career as a drummer took off when he was a teen. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the news.

Tito Puente began his personal band called Tito Puente Orchestra in 1948  and went on the makeover 188 albums. Today’s Google Doodle features his first recorded soundtrack, Ran Kan Kan. He earned a huge reputation as a world-renowned musician and he was also known for his contributions to the Latin community. After his death in 2020, the Puerto Rican artist had recognized at the first-ever Latin Grammy Awards. Today’s Doodle dedicated to Tito consists of Images by New York-based Puerto Rican artist, Carlos Aponte. Stay tuned to social telecast for more updates.


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