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Hey! readers as you all know that we keep our eyes locked on trending news so that we can keep you update with the trending news. Well, there is no doubt that the freedom we got was given by many people who fought hard just to bring free and careless days and no doubt that just because of their courage we all are taking breath nowadays but the horrible thing is, not everyone’s name came into view however lakh of people fought together but most of the names were vanished by the rulers, and just to get those name back our entertainment industry is about to drop a biopic of a lady freedom fighter.

usha mehta

Usha Mehta is the name that has started to pop in several minds after an announcement made that soon a biopic will be released of a lady freedom fighter and the shoot has begun. As soon as the news came, people went curious to know about the lady who played an important role to bring freedom to our nation. Indian cinema always tries to cover all the biopics and the concern is the same, just to make the interaction of the people due to those we are today with this new generation. Well, you must be keen to know about the personality so go down and read the complete.

Sh. Late Usha Mehta was born 25th of March in the year 1920 Saras village near Surat in Gujarat. Who knew that a girl who was born just 27 years before Indian Independence, will be the part of the world’s history along with so many other people, and no doubt when she was born she must be surrounded by the rulers and perhaps it was the reason that today we are remembering her and not just because she was in the race to get her nation back but also, she was honored by Padma Vibhushan in the year 1998 and this is the main reason her name is still alive.

The Usha Mehta was one of those who participated in a protest march against the Simon Commission and the unbelievable thing for today’s generation is, she was just 8 years old when she was part of that protest. No doubt that Usha was highly inspired by Gandhivad. Reports have said that she always wanted to serve more for her country to get it free from British Raj but as her father was a govt employee so she was not allowed to do this, but things went towards change when her father got retired, after her father’s retirement she selected her path and played an important role in India’s history. Stay tuned to get more updates.


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