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Who Is Vicki Neeleman? David Neeleman’s Wife? And Their 10 Children


Today we are going to share information about David Neelman who is viral all over the net people are curious and eager to know about him that who is he and why he is on all over the social media platform. We will try to pour all details and information about him which we collected with deep research and studying so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Vicki Neeleman

The person we are talking about is David Neeleman who getting viral on all social media due to his married life and for having ten sons with his wife. David G. Neeleman is a Brazilian American businessman and entrepreneur. He has founded five commercial airlines which are Morris Air, West Jet, JetBlue, Azul Brazillian Airlines, and Breeze Airways. He has three citizenships which are Brazil, the United States, and Cyprus. David was born in Sao Paulo which is Brazil and raised in Cottonwood Heights Utah.

David Neeleman has ten children with his wife Vicki Cranes they get married in 1980 but divorced in 2013. They are proud parents of ten children and they welcomed their first child after a year of their marriage is Ashley who also a businesswoman and tied the knot with Matthew Cole they are also parents of six children Samuel, Eli, Cecelia, Naomi, Geneviev, and Vivienne.

David’s other daughter’s name is Hannah she is the mother of seven kids and a farming businesswoman. Seth Neelaman is passionate for to be a lacrosse Player. David Nilemman’s wife Vicki Neelaman is a woman businesswoman who has also worked as the president of TAP. David and Vicki both of them kept their personal life away from social media but after their separation, the rumor spread that he is now with someone else.

Yes, it is true that he has seen a new person and sources say that she is the second wife of David named Eva and their photo together can be seen on the internet but it is not confirmed by the couple and also they have not revealed anything regarding this rumor whether it is true or not. Any other information is not available reported his second wife Eva who he married. If we get any updates related to this case and information we will inform you. Thank you for being a patient reader and kindly share your thoughts in the comment box. Stay tuned with Social Telecast always


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