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Who Is Viktoria Kashirina? Russian Teacher Poll Dance Video Clip, Fired From Job


Teachers are nowadays being in the trend after their some extraordinary duties, last week we read news where a teacher raped her student and now the news is coming from Russia where a Russian teacher named Viktoria Kashirina has lost her job and even hitting the bars after showing her dance to her students. Well, now you will be thinking that why did it happen because entertainment is not a bad thing along with studies and there are a lot of teachers across the world who dance and enjoy with their students but here something happened that should not be there in the classroom.

Viktoria Kashirina video

So, a Russian literature teacher who also used to do a side job as a pole dancer has lost her school job after one of her students found a pole dancing video of her and showed it to her mother. Well, no doubt that the incident is totally unexpected because whether she was dancing or perhaps it can be her some obligation but it happened to post which her life totally turned upside down as she lost her job from school which was quite respected. The entire scene took place in Novosibirsk city that is located in Russia’s Siberia.

Viktoria Kashirina Dance

Countering herself Victoria Kashirina said that it was not posted by her and it was just an artistic side project. The 23 years old adorable Russian teacher is still countering herself after being surrounded by controversies, it even came into a trend that she should not have been done that after all, she has some responsibilities and that too when she has little children around her and doing this does not soots her, netizens those who are against her stated that it is too saucy for a teacher and that too when she has minor kids around her.

In an interview, the teacher said that it was not fair that happened with her as she had some obligation to do that for what she is being criticized, as she has been fired from her teacher’s designation she is threatening that she will sue the online school, has become a teacher at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Well, some more updates on Russian teacher is yet to be discovered so be here with us to get all the latest and fresh updates on Kashirina Pole Dance Viral vidoe.


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