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Who Is Zakir Naik? Zakir Naik Arrested In Oman Over Hate Speech Charges Explained!


There is a piece of news coming forward related to Zakir Naik who was arrested and his arrest news is getting huge attention on the internet. He is an Indian Islamic televangelist and public orator. He mostly focuses on comparative religion and is also known as the founder or president of the Peace TV Network or Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). His arrest news is gaining too much attention on the internet and many people are asking various questions related to this incident, so here we will discuss in detail what happened to him and the reason behind his arrest in this article.

Zakir Naik Arrested

According to the reports and information, It is shared in a statement that he is not arrested yet and he is a fugitive who will be ported to India from Osman very soon. His arrest becomes a topic of discussion and it is making headlines on social media which many people see a frenzy to search for it. It is expected that the authorities are working continuously to arrest and take him in custody and the authorities are seen as making contact with Oman agencies to take him in custody. Currently, the investigation is ongoing and he will arrest early but still he is not been arrested.

Who Is Zakir Naik?

It is coming out that he will be seen in Oman for a lecture on the first day of Ramzan on Thursday 23 March 2023. The second lecture is set to be held on Saturday 25 March 2023 at Sultan Qaboos University but currently, it is being speculated that he will be arrested in Oman when he will be delivering his speech in Oman. He was accused of these charges of inciting, terror funding, money laundering, hate speech, and communal hatred. In 2017, he has pronounced a fugitive since then he has been living and continuing his life in Malaysia. There is not much information has been shared related to him and his arrest.

His complete name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik and he is currently 57 years old. He was born on 18 October 1965 in Bombay, India, and became known as a Public speaker, President of the Islamic Research Foundation, and Physician. Now he is searching for arrest but has not been arrested yet. The investigation is ongoing and we will update our article after getting news and information related to his arrest and mention it in our article. His arrest news is getting too much attention and popularity on the internet and many people are expressing their reaction and responses to this incident.


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