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Who Is Zhang Zhan? Chinese Journalist Ailing In Prison From Hunger Strike


Zhang Zhan, a Chinese journalist, who was imprisoned for highlighting the failure of the government in handling the Wuhan virus in its initial days has gotten seriously ill. The woman was on hunger strike ever since she was put behind the bars. Now, her family and her lawyer have informed that Zhang’s health has been getting deteriorated. As per reports, Zhang Zhan was almost 165 pounds before her arrest and has lost about 70 pounds. It is reported that she is turning weaker day by day and might even die in prison if she continued her hunger strike.

Zhang Zhan

The 37-years-old journalist was in Wuhan when the virus outbreak had happened. She had travelled all the way from her home located in Shanghai. However, she had not known that a pandemic is awaiting there that will snatch the freedom and livelihood of the residents staying there as the city had gotten locked down to prevent the virus from spreading. Later, the Chinese resident documented the failure of the government as she thoroughly observed the initial days of the lockdown. After that, Zhang was convicted for consecutive four years under the charges of picking quarrels and instigating trouble.

Zhan was arrested last year in May. Soon after, the lady started a hunger strike to oppose the decision of the government and stated that she is not guilty. The lawyers of Zhang had shared that she refused to have anything so the authorities used a feeding tube after controlling her hands. Zhang’s mother, Shao Wenxia, called her daughter’s strike a “potential hunger strike” and stated that she was only surviving on fruit and cookies and has been avoiding the intake of vegetables, rice, and meat. In her trial that took place in December, the journalist arrived there in a wheelchair.

The lawyers have shared that Zhang has lost significant weight as her appearance saw a drastic change in just a few weeks. The journalist who was weighed 165 pounds before her arrest weighs less than 90 pounds now. As per the reports, it is being stated that Zhang’s mother is not allowed to see her in prison and that she has not seen her since her arrest. Though, they talked with her on August 2 on phone. On July 31, Zhang was hospitalized due to her bad health and returned to prison on Aug 11. Presently, Ms Zhang is at Shanghai Women’s Prison and has been avoiding answering any questions asked about her health condition.


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