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Who Is Zoran Stanojevic? Revelle Balmain Former Boss Arrested Post A Forensic Search


Zoran Stanojevic is again grabbing the limelight and enhancing the interest of users to know comprehensive pieces of vital information about him. So as far as the reports are to be considered, He is a prime suspect of the kidnapping and murder of Revelle Balmain. He is serving a sentence in the prison for unrelated allegations only a few days after the concerned department declared the investigation and forensic inquiry into her 1994 disappearance, he was taken in the custody on Thursday and sent behind the bars by the police so that, they can figure out the exact truth.

Zoran Stanojevic

As per the statement of Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell, who had been assigned to it the previous year, Mr. Stanojevic remains a human of interest in the killing case. Even since the news took place on social media, a strange sensation has surrounded everyone especially those who know him, because recently he caught the heat up to the extent and this is the reason everyone is paying attention to make themselves familiar with his personal stuff, because he is trending on internet as well. Even no further statement has been shared by the concerned department as well.


63-years-old, Zoran Stanojevic an ex-Boss of model turned prostitute Revelled Balmain, was arrested by the police for some related charges on Thursday, because many speculations are claiming he is a murderer too. Because hitherto, even detectives are not able to find any clue against Revelle as nothing is reported yet. Even four others have been detained by the police from east Sydney in the connection of the crime. As soon as the investigation is going ahead many untold facts are coming to the fore, which are creating a buzz on the internet, because netizens are speculating that still, a few pieces of details are yet to be revealed.

If the reports are to be considered, so still, a little information regarding Zoran’s personal stuff is not revealed yet, as no statement is made by his close ones side. Even the police department did not say more regarding the case which is enhancing the curiosity of the people. This is the reason, everyone is keeping their eyes on each action of Zoran and concerned authority so that they can not be ignorant of any activity. So here we have conferred such details that will arrive from the other sources.


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