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Who Killed Ai Hoshino in Oshi no Ko?


In this article, we will explore Anime and its characters and analyze why these characters had to die. Yes, we are talking about the popular anime which is getting popular n people and making fans of anime but those who already watched anime will be disappointed and sent after when they got to know that one character will be died in this anime and be killed so scroll down to the page to know more about this and you will get complete details in this article with an explanation.

Oshi no Ko

Anime is a hand-drawn and computer-generated animation originating from Japan and this gaining so much popularity among the people and demand for more anime, however, recently the most popular anime is Oshi No Ko.

Osho No Ko is a Japanese Manga Series written by Aka Akasaka and drawn by Mengo Yokoyari. Gorou is a gynaecologist and Idol fan who is in shock after his favourite star Ai announces an important hiatus and he realized that he is about to forge a bond with her that defies all common sense.

One of the most shocking experiences in the anime Oshi no Ko is the death of Ai Hoshino which was an unexpected thing that happens in this anime series fans want to know the reason for her death and who killed her so let’s talk in detail and keep continuing to read the article to know the reason.

Let us tell you that Ryosuke killed Ai Hoshino after learning that she had betrayed him and had children before committing suicide to avoid arrest and he already killed Gorou Amaniya when the doctor interfered in his attempt to kill Ai before she gave birth.

Oshi no Ko

Ai got pregnant at 16 years old. Because of this, the company director told her that the fans will not accept her. However, instead of giving her kids away or letting them die, she hid her babies and kept them a secret. When she turned 20, one of her fans found out about her children and that was Ryoksue.

Ryoksue character portrayed as a mentally unstable person who turned toward idols to feel loved in his life he is obsessed with AI Hoshino’s idol and when he learned that his idol deceived him and betrayed him by having twin children and then he tried to kill her but his first attempt was failed and then he succeeds in his second attempt but after hearing last word from Ai that she wanted to love her fans and remembering his name and the star sand he gifted to her he escapes from there and attempts suicide in guilt.

However, Ai older son suspects his biological father leaked the information which led her to death but it is clearly known that she was killed by her fan Ryoksue.


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