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Who Killed Nelomie Perera? Sri Lankan Man Charged After Killing Mother Of Three


As per reports, the officials have arrested a Sri Lankan man in connection with a murder case. It is said that a mother-of-three was stabbed to death in her home at Sandhurst in Melbourne’s southeast. Now, a man has been detained with murder charges. The shocking piece of news has surfaced all over the internet and has brought everyone’s attention to it. You must be curious to know about the details of the case. Well, check out the complete article and get all the crucial information.

Who Killed Nelomie Perera Sri Lankan Man Charged After Killing Mother Of Three


Who Killed Nelomie Perera?

Sources confirm that the 44-year-old woman’s daughter tried to seek help by rushing to her neighbors for help. Despite all the attempts, the lady could not be saved. CCTV footage of the same has also come forward and has surfaced all over the internet. The clip features the woman’s daughter knocking on her neighbor’s door and pleading for assistance. She can be heard saying, “Please, please, please” before telling the horrifying details of the alleged attack. She also said that she is pretty sure the woman has died. However, before the neighbors can help her out, the woman died. It is said that the woman was a mother of three.

What Happened To Sri Lankan Family?

As the woman’s daughter pleaded with the neighbors for help, they replied with “we are coming, we are coming, we are coming”. According to reports, the woman has been identified as Nelomie Perera. She died before she could receive any kind of support from the neighbors or any individual for that matter. Talking about the saddening incident, neighbor Paul Vavitis said that she was just saying that her mother is dead. Taking the matter into consideration, the officials soon started their investigation into the case so that they find out any evidence.

According to reports, the police said in a statement that a 45-year-old Sandhurst man had been charged with murder. The man has been identified as Dinush Kurera. He was the husband of the woman who was stabbed to death. He also happens to be the father of those children, according to reports.

Let us tell you that the horrifying ordeal took place in Perera’s Sandhurst home just before midnight. Perera recently separated from her husband while the neighbors she had just changed the locks on the family home. Reportedly, Perera was a kind and sweet woman and an excellent mother. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest and trending news.


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