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Who Was 600 BossMoo? California Rapper Shoots Himself Death Video Reason Real Name Bio Age


Over the past few months, various rappers killing themselves or getting killed are surfacing on the internet. Unfortunately, one more rapper’s name has gotten on the list. It is coming forward that 600 BossMoo has reportedly shot himself to death. As shocking as it seems, the news is reported to be true. The popular rapper died in his own apartment situated in Los Angeles. It has broken all the well-wishers’ hearts as they were expecting everything to happen but this. Though people are also wondering what happened to him all of a sudden that resulted in him taking his own life.

Who Was 600 BossMoo California Rapper Shoots Himself Death Reason Real Name Bio Age

As per sources, the rapper 600 BossMoo was not alone at the time of the incident and there was a woman with him. Los Angeles police have released a statement where they shared that the department received a call from a woman around 5:30 PM. She informed them that a man is reportedly firing at her. At first, the identity of the said man was not revealed. It came to light when the cops reached the woman’s place where they found the lifeless bodies of the mentioned man and woman.

Both the bodies had gunshot wounds on them and it confirmed that the shooting did take place at the scene. Later, Paramedics confirmed that both persons have died. Believing the reports, it is being said that 600 BossMoss shot the woman before shooting himself to death using the same gun. My Mixtapez took to Twitter handle and shared the shocking piece of news with everyone. They wrote that Chief Keef’s best friend 600 BossMoss reportedly killed a woman and took his own life from the gun afterwards.

The account added that the incident happened on Thursday, September 9, 2021, at the upscale apartment complex located in Woodland Hills California. The said post has garnered huge attention from the general public as they are finding it hard to believe that the rapper not just killed himself but a woman alongside. However, what was the reason behind the tragic incident and what led the rapper to take this step is not revealed yet.

Rapper’s friend 600 Breezy took to his Instagram and paid tribute to his friend. Other personalities have also expressed their sorrow on the tragic news. Talking about 600 BossMoss, his real name was Cordai Ealy and was only 32-years-old at the time of his death. Chicago born internet celebrities had collaborated with popular artists and had given plenty of hits that include Forgotten, and How I’m Drill.



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