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Who Was Allison Holthoff? Check What Happened To Her & Cause of Death?


There is the saddest news is coming forward related to the death of a Woman named Allison Holthoff who passed away after waiting seven hours in ER. She told her husband that she was dying and her husband was unable to do anything. This death news getting lots of attention and so many people asking so many for this senseless death. This saddest death incident was done on the Eve of New Year and she took her last breath at a hospital. Let us discuss in detail the whole information related to her death, the cause of her death, and other topics of this incident so read continuously this article.

Allison Holthoff death cause

As per the exclusive information, she was 37 years at the time of her death and she was transferred to the hospital in an emergency room after feeling her condition is going bad as to an upset stomach. She was admitted on the morning of Saturday 31 December 2022 by her husband Gunter Holthoff who carried her on his back and took her to the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Nova Scotia‚Äôs Amherst town at 11 am local time before. She died because she can’t bear the pain in her stomach and stopped breathing which results in her death. Below we mention some more information about how this all happened.

Her wife was in pain and her husband stated in a statement that her excruciating pain and their ordeal were always remembered by him. She can’t be able to sit in a wheelchair but she sited very hard and her husband was rolling her into the wheelchair. They both waited for around six hours in the waiting room of the emergency department and her pain worsened. Doctors said that it is too late. She went under a preliminary examination and the nurse asked for her urine sample. She was not able to stand which results in her falling on the floor of the bathroom. She required two other people to get back into her wheelchair.

Her health condition went too bad as she was not able to sit in the wheelchair and lay on the floor. She said to her husband that she was dying and she doesn’t want to die there. Then she was taken to a room and provided a bed but there is no medical equipment. A nurse came and check her blood pressure and found that it is very low and dangerous for her. There are so many cases coming forward in which people die because of Negligence and if she gets better treatment then maybe she will be alive today.


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